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Lawyer and Law Firm based in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, Lawyers in Trinidad and Tobago, Attorneys in Trinidad and Tobago.

Areas Of Practice

A legal practitioner with over 13 years call to the bar of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the fields of Civil Litigation, Judicial Review and Conveyancing with experience in the following areas of practice:


  • Civil Procedure and Practice

  • Family Law, Divorce and Custody Proceedings;

  • Debt Recoveries and Enforcement Proceedings;

  • Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

  • Insurance Law and Property Damage Claims.

  • Freedom of Information Law

  • Judicial Review

  • Property Law and Conveyancing;

  • Contract Law and Insurance Law;

  • Human Rights and Constitutional Law

  • Employment Law;

  • Construction Law & FIDIC Contracts & Dispute Resolution;

Experience as an Advocate (Counsel) as well as an Instructing Attorney-at-law in Civil Law Matters Constitutional Law, Property Law with key interests in legal drafting, conveyancing, legal research, legal opinions and client care. I provide legal advice and opinions on FIDIC construction contracts (Green Book, Red Book and Yellow Book), Freedom of Information applications and other commercial disputes. 

Notable Court Appearances


Robert Daisley -v- Yara Trinidad Limited 

 Appeared as Junior Counsel for Mr Daisley, who was awarded over $1,000,000.00 for his personal injuries due to prolonged occupational exposure to carcinogenic formaldehyde.


Ricardo Youk See anors -v- The Attorney General of  Trinidad and Tobago 

Appeared as Counsel for three Claimants who were awarded over $600,000.00 for damages for  assault and battery, which were inflicted with taser guns and false imprisonment by the police officers


Vishnu Ramdath v The Mayor Aldermen and citizens of the City of San Fernando.

Appeared as Junior Counsel in a Decision by the Court of Appeal establishing that police officers employed by the City Corporations are not subject to the provisions of the State Liability and Proceedings Act for the purposes of vicarious liability.


Curtis Ramjitsingh-v-The Estate Management & Business Development Company Ltd.(EMBD).

Appeared as Counsel in Judicial Review Proceedings against the EMBD, successfully challenging the EMBD’s refusal to grant the Claimant access to tender documents, contracts awarded and payment certificates which were requested under the Freedom of Information Act. 


Cindy Rackal –v- The Adoption Board of Trinidad and Tobago

Appeared as Instructing Attorney-at-law in Judicial Review Proceedings against the decision of the Adoption Board for failing to place “Baby X” with the Applicant who was on the list of Fit and Prospective Parents.


Sanathan Dharma Maha Sabha v The Attorney General of  Trinidad and Tobago

Appeared as Junior Counsel in an Appeal against the assessment of damages for the failure of the government and the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago to award the Applicant a radio license and for breach of the Applicants right to equality of treatment.


Ashford Sankar –v- Public Service Commission

Appeared in the Decision by the Court of Appeal establishing that the minutes of meetings at the Public Service Commission pertaining to the issue of appointment or promotion to the office of Deputy Permanent Secretary or Permanent Secretary were not exempt documents under the Freedom of Information Act 


Levelle Long –v- Police Service Commission

Appeared as Junior Counsel in Judicial Review proceedings in the Court of Appeal against the Police Service Commission’s decision to retire a Police Officer from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service in the public interest.


Ann-Marie Charles –v- The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago 

Appeared as Co-Counsel in an Assessment of Damages in a personal injury matter for the Claimant involving a Physical Education Teacher who was awarded the sum of $977,815.58 in damages.


Gerald Rodney Rampersad –v- The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago

Appeared as Trial Advocate for the Claimant in a claim for malicious prosecution, where the Claimant was awarded the sum of $177,000.00 in damages for fabrication of a charge of drug trafficking. 


K.J.S. Enterprises Company Limited –v- Construtora OAS S.A.

Appeared as Counsel for the Claimant in a (FIDIC) Construction Claim in the successful recovery of outstanding unpaid interim payment certificates valued at $6 million Trinidad and Tobago dollars due and owing to K.J.S. Enterprises Limited. 

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