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$75,000 for coccyx bone injury

THE STATE has agreed to compensate a woman who fell into a broken manhole in Princes Town in 2016.

After accepting liability, the Attorney General agreed to settle with Shenate Kim Lee and pay her $74,350. The case came up for hearing last week before Justice Jacqueline Wilson.

According to Kim Lee’s case, on August 20, 2016, at about 9.45 am, she was walking on the pavement at Lothians Road, Princes Town, on her way to the supermarket when her right foot went through a concrete manhole cover.

She lost her balance and fell on her buttocks. The owners of a nearby shop helped her take her foot out of the manhole and she was taken to the Princes Town health centre where she was told she injured her back, knees, chin and coccyx bone. Kim Lee sued the State for negligence. She was represented by attorneys Abdel Mohammed and Shabaana Mohammed.


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