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Court gives bar bouncer $150,000 for wrongful arrest

A 35-year-old wrecker driver from Ste Madeleine will receive compensation from the State for his arrest in 2007.

Master Martha Alexander made the order as she assessed Mukesh Boodram’s claim for compensation in a wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution lawsuit he won last year.

Boodram was arrested on June 10, 2007, for allegedly wounding a man on April 28, while he worked as a security officer at a bar on Cipero Street, San Fernando.

On that date he had to separate two men who were fighting. Hours later, one of the fighters returned with friends. After they were told the other fighter was not around, the second fighter and his friends began fighting Boodram and other security guards from the bar.

Boodram was struck in the face with a pool ball by the man he was eventually charged with maliciously assaulting. On June 10, the police went to the bar and asked Boodram to accompany them to the police station. While there he was put in a cell where he stayed for two days before he was charged and taken to court.

Boodram was remanded overnight at the prison and on June 13, he eventually got bail. Eight years later, and after appearing in court 42 times, the matter was dismissed.

In her assessment, delivered electronically, Alexander held that Boodram suffered humiliation and distress when he was arrested and throughout the period the case was ongoing. She awarded him $150,000 in general damages but did not approve vindicatory or special damages. She also ordered the State to pay his legal costs.

In his claim, Boodram said he pleaded his innocence to the police, repeatedly telling them he was the bouncer at the bar who parted the fight and that it was the second fighter who assaulted him with the pool ball.

He was represented by attorneys Abdel Mohammed and Shabaana Mohammed.


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